If you require the list of our product, please contact us at the following.

Mail Documents 〒340−0022
2-46-3 Sezaki-Cho, Soka-City, Saitama-Ken
TEL 048−928−6665
FAX 048−928−8955
Office Hour (Mon 〜 Fri)11:00〜18:00
Order Time
Cool Delivery To 12:00
Dry Delivery To 15:00

※ Total Weight of Goods is More Than 60kg...15:30
Total Weight of Goods is Less Than 10kg...16:00

Delivery of in-house Service Order Time
(Mon 〜 Fri)13:00

※ Delivery Area Tokyo, Ibaragi, Kanagawa, Gunma
You need a contract for this service.

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